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How I Found: Jerry
March 1, 2009, 11:55 am
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When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, You knew my path. – Psalm 142:3

At the time Jerry and I met, we were previously married to other people. I was married 10 years and Jerry was married 16 years–both of us had no children. It was September 2001 when we met through our previous employer, and were coworkers and merely acquaintances. In March 2003, I left to a different employer. On August 1, 2004, my then husband left, and we began our growth by divorce. On August 21, 2004, I ran into Jerry, and in our conversation I told him of my marital status, which he too was going through with his then wife. From then on, we became friends, and a couple.

You know what is said, that you can’t begin another relationship if you haven’t ended the one your in? Well, for a Divine reason, that did not apply to us. This was the beginning of many works of Christ in our lives.

We supported each other through each of our divorces. We made it known what was needed in our lives, what was wanted, and expected from the next “love.” We both needed Christ first and foremost. And wanted Him as a foundation in our lives.  In March 2004, we attended a Divorce Care program at a church near my home. We joined the church, and were baptized in August 2005. In December 2005 we married, and on that blessed evening, we conceived our daughter. 16 months later, we conceived our son.  I never thought I wanted a child, let alone children, but it was that I did not want children with my previous husband.

We invite Christ into our lives and marriage, and it is SO good. I wish every couple this genuine happiness and love. We are raising our two beautiful children in His light with joy.

Jerry is my suitable helper (Genesis 2:18.) Jerry is the one my heart loves. (Song of Solomon 3:4.) Always, forever, and when forever ends and eternity begins, Jerry is My Love. In this life and in Heaven, we will be husband & wife.  Thank you, Jesus!

Janell Hartman lives in San Diego, California.


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Hey I love this blog. I can see the time and effort put into this.. Thanks!

Comment by Emma

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