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How I Found: Scott
March 7, 2009, 10:37 am
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I moved to St. Paul, MN from Eugene, Oregon in 2003.  It was the cold of March; we were driving cross country, the three of us crammed into the front of a rented U-Haul, pulling the car behind. Our two-year-old baby, Abigail, sat patiently strapped to the car seat. 

My parents, friends, co-workers all said that this move would end up a huge mistake.  Maybe I was making the biggest mistake of my life?  I was leaving my family, with a man who really wasn’t that into me, and moving to Minnesota–a part of the country I was completely unfamiliar with. 

Honestly, I was alright with it.  There was a sweet little something in me that told me that this was the right thing to do.  It was the calm that lived in the pit of my belly with the angst and the upset, like a bit of stolen candy tucked in my pocket, a piece of sweet hope that carried me through the unhappiness and uncertainty of the move.

We arrive.  The three of us live with his relatives for 6 months, which isn’t so bad, but, not so great either.  Now they know our secrets: we are unhappy, we are not in love, and it is over. 

Abigail turns 3, and we now live in an apartment; just the two of us.  We live down the street from a smart little bakery and we walk there everyday for a cookie.  One year passes and I am still clutching at the sweet nugget of hope that brought me here.  There is certainty, it just isn’t reveled yet.

When you least expect it, that’s when it happens.  He greets us both with a smile each and every visit to the bakery; there he stands, ready to hand over that cookie.  We exit.  On our return walk home, we realize he is following us.  We turn, we wait.  He asks if he can have dinner with me.  We are a package deal, and he realizes it from the get go, thankfully. 

Scott becomes our friend, and he is patient and kind; we love him instantly.  He has no expectations or preconceived notions, he knows all of the deal breakers and he is still present.  We play, we build a friendship.  Scott asks me to marry him exactly one year after he follows me and Abigail home.  We build a family.

We are happy, the four of us.

Jenn Deyo lives in Saint Paul with her husband and two children.


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This is an incredibly sweet story, Jenn. I had always wondered what brought the two of you together – you are so clearly perfect for each other.

Comment by SC

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