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How I Found: Mark
March 7, 2009, 11:33 am
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I could tell you more about how I lost Mark than how I found him, and therein lies the problem. For the last twenty years, I’ve been gathering pieces like a detective, constructing a collage of the boy.

I’ll tell you what I know. His name was Mark Eric Lozano. It’s possible that it was spelled Erick. I had a best friend in college named Eric, who I loved and still love, so I prefer to think of Mark’s middle name without the “k.” Like Eric’s.

When I was nine, or maybe eight or ten—I don’t recall—my mother married a man. He moved into our house—a house of three females—with his son, Mark. Mark moved through the rooms of our house, watched our TV, ate our food. He played soccer. He came and went. Mark befriended my sister, but did not befriend me—I was too young. Continue reading


How I Found: Henry
March 1, 2009, 11:44 am
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I grew up the youngest of six children with 17 years between myself and my oldest brother. I hardly remember him as a child exept maybe those times when he would hitchhike from a military base and suprise my mother with his presence at the front or kitchen door. My mother would be so thrilled to have her son home. And so was everyone else.

There is a story that he tells that he had to join the Navy at 17 years of age to make room for the newest addition – ME! He made the military a career, got married, and he and his family would visit for a week or so every so often, but we were never that close. In the meantime, I grew up, got married at 23, and left for Riverside, California to start a new life with my husband.

Lo and behold, the following year after our move, my brother was transferred to Norton AFB in southern California. He and his wife stayed with us in our small apartment while they looked for a house. They found a house in San Bernardino (the next town from Riverside) and, for the next 10 years, we would visit each other. I got to know the brother that I had missed knowing during my growing-up years.

Gloria Lozano lives with her husband in San Antonio, Texas. In 1974, she gave birth to this web site’s founder.

How I Found: Joe
February 13, 2009, 3:00 am
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I found my brother on the front porch of our house, late one winter night when I was twelve and he was seven. I’d woken up to a racket coming from downstairs, where my brother was pounding on the locked front door.

I jumped out of bed in the room we shared and took the stairs as quietly as possible. Our father was a light sleeper.

Joe was on the screened-in front porch, pounding on the door. I could see through the door’s curtains that he was crying. At that age I was a science-fiction fanatic, and I tended to analogize every structure and vehicle with something from science fiction. If our house was a spacecraft, the front porch was the airlock—enclosed but uninsulated, with an outer screen door and a heavy wooden inner door, the one on which my brother now knocked urgently. Continue reading