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How I Found: My Daughter
February 12, 2009, 2:57 am
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You don’t remember, but I do. The day had been long, and lonely. I had that job at the new physical therapy clinic in Everett, Washington. It was too far a commute from Seattle but I figured if I couldn’t have you, at least I could have an exciting promotion. Only it wasn’t that exciting. A one-person department, especially that first week before the patients arrived, made for a lot of solitary hours, and more than a few unacknowledged tears.

Someone was supposed to come and move the brand new exercise and training equipment where I wanted it in my new department. When they hadn’t shown up by Friday I decided to do it myself. I had given up on you by then, the unique “you” you would have been that month, that time. Good thing I didn’t know who (I feared) I was losing. I’d not have been able to bear it, had I known you then. Continue reading