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How I Found: My Home
March 24, 2009, 8:02 pm
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We moved states every two years when I was a kid: West Virginia, Connecticut, Texas, Florida. When I was ten, we settled in Baton Rouge, LA, my mom’s hometown, and my parents put me in Catholic school. I made a few friends, went fishing in lakes, had crushes on boys that ended painfully (Steven Davis, 7th grade, would sit behind me in religion class and measure the width of my Cuban-Italian ass.)

At my public high school, I transcended boredom by transcribing the lyrics to my favorite Pearl Jam songs during class while most of my friends started doing drugs. I just watched: the boys poured their 40’s out in memory of Kurt Cobain; my best friend, a preacher’s daughter, came to school with purple hair, her belly big and pregnant. We were white suburban kids, living in pristine little subdivisions called “Wedgewood” and “Shenandoah,” pissed off at something we had yet to define: there was a feeling that the world was just outside the door, waiting to open so we could breathe clean air. But all we could see was the slightest sliver of light underneath the doorjamb. Continue reading