how i found you

How I Found: You
April 25, 2009, 8:57 am
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It was summer; the sun was glaring but the wind was sweet on the day that I met you. I was freshly showered, slightly sunburnt, with hair wet and an openness to the day that must have attracted your curious side glances. I rode my bike to your neighbor’s pool party and was slightly out of breath, catching you off-guard. You were pleasantly unprepared; I was in your element and I had no idea what I was stepping into. Our curious glances became more bold and direct as the sky darkened and we found ourselves alone in the backyard with our long-necked beer bottles sweating into our palms. The long stare we exchanged, in the twilight, shared confidence and a touch of swagger because a game between strangers was our best game. There was no other contact between us but the exchange of our own beer to our lips, drying, and making them moist again with our tongues.

When we came into the house, we were wordless and guilty. Everyone was tense; your girlfriend arrived and was staking her claim. My night began to dim and I sensed my imminent exit. We said goodbye on the sidewalk and lingered long enough to piss off your girlfriend a little more. We exchanged no numbers or kisses or handshakes. I thought that I would never see you again.

A month later, I was alone waiting for the bus, pretending to read and recovering from a weekend of trysts that left me sore and wistful. As my bus pulled up, you turned the corner and we immediately smiled from recognition and a month of hoping for a rendez-vous. Your girlfriend wasn’t there and neither were our sensitive friends. Only a causal drink would pretend to satisfy our curiousity, but instead it made the night’s wants difficult to restrain. We savored close talking in a dark bar and sealed the beginning of our adventure.

That’s how I found you: delicious, tempting, dangerous and not mine.

Anita Mechler, sometimes known by her previous roller derby moniker, Anita Applebomb, was born and raised on folklore and old wives tales in San Antonio, Texas. She has found her true loves in Chicago, in libraries, and riding her bike around town. She hopes to add to her first story here in a series of stories about mysterious and intriguing lost loves.